Marketing=business management : Good and Bad marketers

marketing business management

Business management and marketing should go hand in hand when it comes to coming up with different strategies that you and your revenue can benefit from in the future. Let me tell you why that is:


Business = marketing and vice versa


How does a marketer know what you need and whether an idea will fit your business scope or not? Well, it has all to do with what you stand behind.

First and foremost, you idea and USP are the most important parts of anything you will ever do that is connected to marketing. One needs to know the strengths and weaknesses of the business and its management to safely come up with marketing strategies that will fit.

For instance, you may be selling IT services but want to branch out to another niche like clothing and do your own merch. Now, depending on how big you are, this might be a good or a bad idea, since you need to have a good consumer base and a well established Social Media platform you can advertise the clothing to. Besides, you have to always check on competitors and see what they are doing.

Nonetheless, we are talking about two completely different niches here, so it's the marketer's job to tell you whether or not it is a good idea. Also, a lot of my fellow colleagues do not seem to have the privileges of knowing the business inside and out.

You might want to reconsider that if you want to build A) a steady relationship with your SM manager and B) a good brand identity.

See, everybody has to share and work for the same goal. If you are a business owner and are considering to work with a hired marketer, you have the task of explaining what the business is about, what you want to achieve, so they can set up milestones through adverts, budgeting, campaigns and etc.

This is why you need to share things like conversions, revenue and so on, so that you marketer knows if a campaign is successful or not.

And I am not talking here about showing them the monthly accounting and everything you make, but just the result of those campaigns and whether or not they are working out.


Good vs. bad marketers


There is two types of marketers out there: The ones that are legitimately interested in helping themselves and your business out and the ones that only care for the former.

How you can recognize a good marketer is through the first couple of questions they ask you during your first meeting. If they all are business oriented - your goals, what your unique selling point is, budgeting, campaigns, active media profiles, your willingness to do different campaigns, your resources for producing content etc., you know that this is someone who genuinely wants you to succeed and doesn't just want to get paid.

And then there is the other ones. The bad marketers you can recognize by how passive they are when it comes to your goals and what you have in mind for the future. It typically sounds as if they don't want to be involved in the business management part at all and do not pose any questions or inquiries to you.

They also do not want to understand the business entirely and simply want to run a few campaigns and get their check. I would suggest switching marketers if that is the case.

This is why the first session - appreciation of the business or a meeting, should be free for you - if you have your hands full with a good marketer, they may even decline to support you in your business. Sometimes the workstyles don't match, which doesn't necessarily mean you need to fix something in your business, but rather that they think someone else might be more suitable for you.

If you are considering hiring someone to do your Social Media marketing and want to have someone who cares for your interests and your business', you can always contact me and we will have a chat about what we can do together!

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