What you need to know when setting up your first Instagram profile

instagram profile set-up

If you are looking to set up a brand new Instagram profile or have one but wish to redo it from scratch, I have a few ideas as to what you can do to make your marketing and life easier with a few simple tips you have to mind while doing it. Let's take a look:




Before you do anything that matters, such as registering and creating a new user, you have to pre-plan what you want to post, how often you want to post it and who you want to reach. If you have trouble with creating content, take a look at my article  that is looking to help you out with consistency in creation.

Typically, the profiles that are posting anywhere between 7 to 10 times per week, alas 2 posts a day, roughly, will create the most friction. The more you post, the more engagement and followers you have.

However, if you are looking to do that from the get-go, you should already start making content even before launching your profile. Even if there is a point of time when you simply are not able to post in a day, you would have content prepared in advance.

Decide about how many times a day you want to post, and of course what exactly it is you would like to be posting, and then you can think of creating a user.


Creating a profile: What you need to mind


There are a few tricks when it comes to making a brand new Instagram profile. Start by picking a username that includes your business name and your niche or your business name and your location, so people can naturally find you through search results. (Think of it as SEO for Instagram).

Then put in an engaging Bio that is short and concise so people know exactly what you are on about from the get-go. Your Instagram profile should also include some emojis in the Bio, so it catches the eye.

Choose a good logo that you upload in portrait mode. This specific one actually creates more engagement from your followers due to the vertical cut.

Do hashtag research and see who ranks for what in your niche. Check out a few competitors profiles, I explain what you should be wary of here, and see what tags they are using. Is there something you can benefit of from what they have?


Run Ads


If you don't want to overdo it, you can run ads for 5 Euros the piece and still get decent statistics. Do keep in mind that running ads requires targeting and audience research that will make or break your campaigning. Keep a levelled head and engage with the followers you have, no matter what number and be careful not to advertise too much, or you'll start loosing them.

Fix an advertising schedule and do so only within budget. Another common mistake is overspending just so you can get better results. If you ads are not running well, then something is wrong with your selected audience. Before running ads again, check out Instgram/Facebook's ad requirements and be selective.

If you need any help setting up your profile or adverts, contact me!

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