The hidden gem of Social Media marketing: Memes

memes social media marketing

Let us talk about a completely different topic today: memes. I know a lot of marketers aren't especially keen on using them as a proper Social Media marketing strategy, but let me tell you why they are so valuable:




I've spoken before about how customers will want much more personal approach when it comes to being sold products to, so companies need to start revealing their CEOs or staff and humanizing them, giving them a personality online and doing so for the customers.

Ideally, this would happen together with a boom in sales, so you can afford to keep doing what you doing. The truth of the matter is - memes are the best way to connect to customers.

If you used the header I posted as a feature photo on here, for example, together with some description about a product and how people didn't like it because of xyz, a truth will then become a self-depreciating meme.

Self-depreciation overall is a solid Social media marketing strategy, as everybody uses such jokes when they are uncomfortable or have done a "whoopsie". Adding a meme on top of that humanizes the brand you stand behind and makes it more approachable.

Exactly this is what customers are and will be looking for in the future - big brands acknowledging that something is not going right and owning it, because this is directly tied to human behaviour.


Easy to advertise, easy to blow up


Memes are so easy to advertise and are also not a "special 100% genuine offer. BUY NOW.LIMITED!" sort of marketing strategy. You post one of them, boost it for a few days, as you target your market group, and trust me, whether it is an age range of 16 to 25 or 25 to 55, the format of memes is unifying, as it is the one and only media by-product everyone can relate to.

It's a covert approach to advertising yourself as a brand and memes are an awfully easy way to create viral content which can be shared by all ages. I explain the different marketing strategies according to age here.

Even if you decide not to advertise at all, they will create enough friction organically, which I invite you to try.

If a piece of meme goes viral, you have a much bigger chance of customers seeing your website in the bio or purchasing a product.

The content itself, alas creating memes, is a two-click experience that definitively does not take as long as creating a video or nice looking photo for an advertising campaign.

If you manage to own it, customers will flock over to you. I myself have tried and tested this theory on one of the businesses and it does drive much more engagement on Instagram than expected and helps out with brand awareness.

Deal with it.

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