Social Media marketing sometimes doesn’t work out

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You've set up your ads and campaigns, you have done your budgeting, have launched a few of your creatives and are promoting them already. You are sure you have it all set up correctly but after a few weeks you don't see any betterment. Let me tell you why some Social Media platforms are actually not that good for your marketing:


Universal, yes, but never fitted


You can and will never have a Social Media platform fitting your marketing like a glove and that is natural. Sometimes you might want to post more text on Instagram than what the official guidelines and "marketing 101s" tell you to, and you can, and it might even work out.

Sometimes, or should I rather say, about 60% of the time, companies that try scaling a platform - say Facebook for instance, end up hitting a cold wall and are never able to grow beyond where they've already been but they keep running ads and doing their Social Media marketing.

How do you recognize that, you may ask? Simply through looking at the reach - if there is no specific reason for it and your audience reach is not expanding (vacation time, less posts etc.) then it is time to rethink the strategy.

I'd suggest observing the insights and analytics through your pixel and also organic reach numbers ( I say here organic, since if you are growing well, you will naturally receive more exposure) if you see fluctuations and trends downwards for longer than 3-4 weeks, you know you have reached your limit with the given Social media platform and its marketing strategy.

And yes, you have to leave the platform to its own growing rates, not advertise but keep posting leftover materials there if you still have a following and don't want to lose it.

The mistakes some marketers do is that they don't seem to be able to recognise the fact that a medium is not working out, and keep pushing ads. Those all are resources lost. The longer you spend time, effort and money on some method, the worse your numbers will end up being.

Just like doing Google Ads before you`ve reached some domain seniority and authority, it is useless to keep pushing it.

As I've explained before, the different Social Media platforms are good for different target groups, so check on that and eliminate any possibility of you not having targeted the right audience or advertising cost inefficiently, wasting resources on creatives that don't work and are not dynamic, and then try and see if the platform is not right for you.

Let me say it again - the fact that a Social Media platform should fit your brand on paper does not mean that this will really be the case in reality. If you see sinking numbers - close it up and go onto the next one.

If you have any questions, you can always contact me here!

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