SERPs will cut your SEO traffic

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You must have heard of SERPs if you are in the marketing field - those tiny snippets that cover Google's searches all over and can cut your SEO traffic in half. Let us discuss why that is:

No click, no gain


SERPs are the mortal enemy of any website, as they showcase any type of information as fast as possible right after a search result. Take this query for instance. Wordstream Googled "Abraham Lincoln" and the first result was this:

serps organic results

As you can see, the first few hits are from snippets of articles that are placed on the very top, however, to the left you see a full description of who he was and his position.

SERPs are just that - rich snippets that cover Google's search results. As you can probably imagine, SERPs typically offer all important information at a glance, rendering it pretty much impossible to get link clicks if you are ranking for SEO or a specific keyword.

Basically, Google's rich snippets will cut your traffic in half, as any news or sports websites will be beaten to snippets that are 5 sentences long and provide all necessary information.

Not that the information service provided by news agencies are relevant, as in the majority of the time they contain 95% filler information, but who are we to judge. They also have to make a buck.


Ranking for keywords without SERPs


Now that we cleared the definition of SERPs, we have to ask the question if it is possible to fight for keywords that include none of them, so we can get healthy organic traffic and optimize our SEO.

There are hardly any keywords, however, that SERPs don't cover. Interestingly, SERPs as a search term does not have a rich snippet yet, so marketers get crafty.

As for the rest - there might be hope yet...if you rank anywhere between 1 and 10 on the first page of Google. If you are not of any interest to the search engine and it cannot harvest any hands-on information from you, chances are your website will not get even close to getting any organic traffic.

Ranking for new keywords would mean creating an innovative business that provides the possibility of you choosing your leading-edge keywords. For the rest of us, simpletons, that work in well-established niches, the competition is huge.

As for the future, I am fairly certain that news platforms or educational websites will be eventually displaced by the SERPs, as many of the services they provide will be useless.

Have any thoughts on SERPs or organic SEO? Let me know in the comment section!


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