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Technology and Service are our Passions

Our Why

There are two very simple reasons why we do what we do: first, we love technology, especially consumer hardware and software. Second, we enjoy helping people with it. There is little that is more rewarding for us than supporting someone on their journey to learn about and create with technology.

ermanno ermannoferrari.net

Ermanno Ferrari


I am a Certified Microsoft Office Master and a Qualified ICF Coach. These, along with my diverse background in Sales, Human Resources and classical music, all contribute to my ability to adeptly serve you.

Alexandra Trenkova

Alexandra Trenkova

Head of Social Media

I am a Social Media and Content-creation passionate and like adding a pinch of excitement and enjoyment in all projects I do. As a Media Studies and Linguistics graduate, my drive alongside my experience and deep understanding of the social world as a whole is what drives me to exceed and keeps me motivated.

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