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We are seeing an increasing number of PCs and laptops getting upgraded every year - the hardware is getting switched out, software is not supported anymore and we leave those old machines to die out. This is how we came up with the idea of hardware sustainability and reusing old parts:


Fast parts


We already know it - so many companies decrease the life of given hardware parts and stop supporting given versions of their software that half of their users were still into * cough* *cough* Windows *cough* *cough*.

This does not only have us throw out completely usable hardware, but also makes our wallet-life difficult to maintain. If we want to give our hardware-life a bit of a boost, we could try making it live a bit longer. Besides, not everyone can afford the newest iMac that comes out on the market every two years or so.

We, here at ermannoferrari.net, thought why not try and reuse old iMacs by installing Linux on them and seeing whether this would increase their usability for the long run and also still keep up with newer versions in terms of speed and performance.

This is what we came up with. We were sceptical at the start, as we know that much of the iMac hardware is fairly difficult to fidget around with and also quite unupgradable but we decided to take a leap anyway and see whether we can bring up this old machine back to life.

Surprise, surprise, it worked! We managed to install Linux on this old 24 inch iMac from 2008 and added a few SSDs to speed up the performance. It works as good as new and it certainly is a viable option in terms of hardware sustainability and bringing old machines back to life.

And we also thought that we can give you, the reader, a chance to get such a PC! We can warrant it for 6 months only due to it being old and possibility of issues coming along with it, but you can get a machine for a third of the price with Linux installed on there!

If you are interested in hardware sustainability, this iMac or what we are looking to do in the future, as there is much more where this is coming from, you can contact us on our form!

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