Global media: Location targeting for advertising

global targetinng advertising 2019

You have been looking for ways to distribute your services or products but have no idea which countries or regions to advertise to? Let us check out location targeting based off numbers on global media usage from 2019!


Most used Social Media platforms as of October 2019


First off, let us begin with the fact that Facebook is still the leading Social Media platform for global usage, according to (statistic_id272014_global-social-networks-ranked-by-number-of-users-2019)

Unexpectedly *clears throat*, the bigger platforms of 2019 overall were Facebook-owned, with YouTube being the exception, as we see WhatsApp and Messenger placing on 3 and 4 overall.

For marketers this would mean that the platforms with the most reach, still, are Facebook-owned, alas although the treatment and current policies are not the most fitting for advertising and marketing, there still is an overflow of users that are keeping active.

This, however, could be due to Facebook being the oldest, alas most established, platform out there, and it hitting the mark by far on others and the majority of its users being Indian, as most regions in the country do not have internet connectivity and are continuously being set up, so more users are coming in.

Nonetheless, we could still take out a few things out of this data - WhatsApp has never been a heavy marketing tool, although we have been seeing a whole lot more advertisements around on the platform itself.

However, due to there being no other means of content distribution rather than pop-ups, marketing campaigns over there haven't been as successful as in other platforms. We can expect to see new ways of delivering advertisement in WhatsApp in the future, however, as it is both used for business and privately.


Location targeting for advertisements


Now that we know who is sitting on the top, we can take a look at regions with most usage of the Social Media platforms. Statista here (statistic_id412257_global-mobile-social-penetration-rate-2019-by-region) provides us with another graphic that has East Asia together with North and South America sitting at the top three spots, which does not come as a surprise.

Specifically East Asia is a highly tech-savy region, as the majority of the populaces rely on it and honestly, the have the fastest internet connections to do so. Another aspect to think about is the sheer sizing of East Asia, as the peoples there exceed the count of users living in Europe, for instance.

North and South America are the runners up, again due to sheer populaces size and also high connectivity. It is the digital age and Americans are the kings of it.

However, what is more interesting is that Northern Europe is coming in on place 4, even before Central America. Now, that could be due to the same reasons as mentioned above, and also the fact that the weather conditions may have an effect on the usage, as well as the need for a community.

So, what does all this mean for us, marketers? Well, if you are targeting Europe, then your best bet is taking on the northern parts of it, as the sheer usage numbers speak for themselves. Also, not to mention, those all are the regions with the highest GDP, so you will definitively manage to get some sales coming in through advertising there and good location targeting.

If you are still wondering which platform to choose, now you have your answer.

If you should have any questions or need a Social Media expert to boost up your online presence, you can always contact me!

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