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content consistency

How to: Be consistent in writing content

Trust me when I say that every and each one of us has an issue staying on top of their content consistency, so let us take a look at a few ideas that can help you stay on track during … Read More

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social media customer service 2020

Social Media is the future for customer service

With Social Media usage trends for B2B and B2C going higher and higher, a lot will change in 2020 in regards to how business is conducted and how we serve our customers. Let’s jump right into the reasons why social … Read More

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followers loss adverts

Why advertising too much will make you loose followers

I was recently inspired by talking to another marketer on the topic of follower loss. He was complaining that a big portion of the potential customers on the platform kept unsubscribing to the point where he lost almost 20% of … Read More

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video marketing 2020

Video Marketing in 2020: By Smart Insights

Here is a genius article I thought I’d share. It is about the video marketing trends in 2020 and the numbers you need to back up your business strategies. Written by Joanna Carter here.   Find out what video marketing … Read More

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ideal customer profiling

Customer profiling: Finding the ideal customer

You are ready to set off and start a deliberate marketing strategy you have been thinking for a while but don’t know how to profile your ideal customer? Let us take a look and see what you should consider:   … Read More

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digital marketing failure success

Success and failure: Digital marketing

We all have heard of so many successful entrepreneurs that have developed amazing businesses and are making tons of revenue. A lot of folks try to replicate that for their own good. However, there are many active unsuccessful business ventures … Read More

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pragmatics digital marketing

Digital Marketing and Pragmatics: it’s not important what you say but how you say it

You have digital marketing campaigns that were successful and then there are those that were not worth a penny but you still had to go through them and you still have no idea why. Let me explain why it’s not … Read More

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neil patel seo

SEO is changing. Check how.

You must have noticed that some SEO-based marketing strategies just don’t work the same as before anymore and sometimes they cannot be fixed but just be let die, so let us take a look and see how Google is changing … Read More

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age group marketing

Marketing according to age group

When setting up a new marketing strategy you have a few things to consider – location, employment status, marital status and age, amongst others. You’ve set your mind on what you want to do and how you want to target … Read More

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teenagers ads

Advertising to teenagers: How ads influence them

Advertising to teenagers has indeed become a trend increasing in popularity over the last 5 years. According to, it is a target group worth 44 billion dollars, so how come big brands manage to squeeze revenue out from an … Read More

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