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love business

Giving some love to your business

Have you been giving enough love to your business recently? What about doing it for Valentine’s day? Let me give you a few examples of how you can pamper yourself and your business today:   Just a touch here and … Read More

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marketing business management

Marketing=business management : Good and Bad marketers

Business management and marketing should go hand in hand when it comes to coming up with different strategies that you and your revenue can benefit from in the future. Let me tell you why that is:   Business = marketing … Read More

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global targetinng advertising 2019

Global media: Location targeting for advertising

You have been looking for ways to distribute your services or products but have no idea which countries or regions to advertise to? Let us check out location targeting based off numbers on global media usage from 2019!   Most … Read More

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hardware sustainability

Hardware sustainability: Reusing old parts

We are seeing an increasing number of PCs and laptops getting upgraded every year – the hardware is getting switched out, software is not supported anymore and we leave those old machines to die out. This is how we came … Read More

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marketing strategy failing

Why is your marketing strategy failing?

So, you have been keeping at it for a long and consistent time but things are somehow not working out. Let us review all the points at which your marketing strategy is failing and see if you can correct it … Read More

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social media marketing good

Social Media marketing sometimes doesn’t work out

You’ve set up your ads and campaigns, you have done your budgeting, have launched a few of your creatives and are promoting them already. You are sure you have it all set up correctly but after a few weeks you … Read More

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google website check

See if Google visited your site: Neil Patel article

The article here was written and provided by Neil Patel here. I just thought it interesting and wanted to share his opinion on here. Do you know how Google decides what website should be ranked number 1, 2, 3 and … Read More

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memes social media marketing

The hidden gem of Social Media marketing: Memes

Let us talk about a completely different topic today: memes. I know a lot of marketers aren’t especially keen on using them as a proper Social Media marketing strategy, but let me tell you why they are so valuable:   … Read More

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serps google

SERPs will cut your SEO traffic

You must have heard of SERPs if you are in the marketing field – those tiny snippets that cover Google’s searches all over and can cut your SEO traffic in half. Let us discuss why that is: No click, no … Read More

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instagram profile set-up

What you need to know when setting up your first Instagram profile

If you are looking to set up a brand new Instagram profile or have one but wish to redo it from scratch, I have a few ideas as to what you can do to make your marketing and life easier … Read More

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